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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Carina Single Firewall ₱ 2,000,000 to 4,150,000 Floor Area - 72 sqm/ Lot Area - 94 sqm
Carmela Single Firewall ₱ 3,110,486 Floor Area - 65 sqm/ Lot Area - 88 sqm
Drina Single Firewall ₱ 4,163,252 Floor Area - 83 sqm/ Lot Area - 99 sqm
Emerald Single Detached ₱ 4,350,000 to 7,200,000 Floor Area - 143 sqm/ Lot Area - 132 sqm
Elaisa Single Firewall ₱ 4,517,948 Floor Area - 97 sqm/ Lot Area - 110 sqm
Mara Single Firewall ₱ 2,694,880 Floor Area - 53 sqm/ Lot Area - 88 sqm
Reana Townhouse (End Unit) ₱ 1,100,000 to 2,000,000 Floor Area - 40 sqm/ Lot Area - 54 sqm
Reana Townhouse (Inner Unit) ₱ 850,000 to 1,600,000 Floor Area - 40 sqm/ Lot Area - 36 sqm
Rina Single Firewall ₱ 1,900,264 Floor Area - 40 sqm/ Lot Area - 54 sqm
Marga Single Firewall ₱ 2,382,644 Floor Area - 46 sqm/ Lot Area - 63 sqm
Carmina-DH Single Firewall ₱ 3,476,326 Floor Area - 65 sqm/ Lot Area - 99 sqm
Carmina-UH Single Firewall ₱ 3,496,996 Floor Area - 65 sqm/ Lot Area - 99 sqm
Dorina-UH Single Firewall ₱ 4,433,628 Floor Area - 83 sqm/ Lot Area - 108 sqm
Carmina-DH Single Firewall ₱ 4,464,422 Floor Area - 65 sqm/ Lot Area - 99 sqm

Camella Bantay is a sure hideaway place for you and your family, a residential community for all Filipinos who love peaceful living. It is meant to provide worthy and hardworking middle class men a chance to provide a place as decent and as beautiful as this community. If you are looking for a credible and serene community to live-in up north, think no more because Camella Bantay will surely provide you the security and comfort for your growing families at a very affordable price.

It is a place where the beauty of the past is well treasured while the pleasure of living a modern life is made available for every resident to enjoy. It is a place where the sun never fails to kiss the grounds very morning to greet Camella Bantay Residents. Spending your days in this beautiful residential community will truly you unending chances of communing with nature’s goodness. This is a place where comfort, convenience and security wouldn’t bleed you savings to death because of its affordability.

Our team offers a whole lot of payment and acquisition options, one of these options must suit your requirement. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime of the day, we have a standby specialist 24/7 ready to answer you inquiries. You have nothing to worry about our team because for a long time of being in this business, we have mastered the art of customer service. Our team is here to represent you in any required forum and we are here to protect your business interests. We offer rent to own (RTO) and ready for occupancy (RFO) houses and townhouses and condominium units. Let us know if you need anything. We will be glad to have you on the loop. 

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