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Camella Land generously provided a good number of facilities within the Camella Bantay Grounds to allow residents to enjoy amenities at no cost within the secure place of the community.

  • Clubhouse: It is centrally located with the community for residents’ exclusive use. Good for private celebrations like weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. The structure stands as a 2 storey Spanish-inspired structure overlooking the entire community. The structure also has a great resemblance of an old Palacio del Governador structures during the Spanish occupation of the country. Community events can also be held here with prior notice.
  • Basketball Court: A fantastic place for all sports enthusiasts to spend their free time to play, make friends and acquaintances within the community. It is best to be playing here within the exclusive and safe zone of Camella Bantay without travelling somewhere else to sweat out.
  • Children’s Playground: Children are important components of each family and Camella do recognize the need to provide the kids some family-type pampering right within community grounds. Part of taking care of the children is by giving them a space to enjoy safely. That’s why the children’s playground was constructed. It is a place where tree sufficiently provide children with natural shades and cool temperature so they can enjoy without being bothered by outsiders. Your kids here can potentially win neighboring kids as friends and at a young age, they will be able to learn the importance of being sociable.
  • Parks: Camella is known for creating beautiful, all-natural parks for families to enjoy within the safe bounds of the community. These well-maintained parks are fully grass carpeted with trees enhancing the cool ambiance for families to enjoy.
  • Gated Entrance/ Exit areas: Wider inner-access roads, Lighted Streets, Centralized underground drainage systems, 24/7 secured environment. These are few of the facilities provided for and maintained by Camella management to make sure that everyone within the inner neighborhood feels secured and well-taken cared. The influx of people are well monitored and inner roads are superbly wide for two-way driving. The entire community is also secured with centralized drainage systems to make sure that surface run-off during heavy downpour of rain is simultaneously dispatched. Flooding is not a common problem for this community.

Should you wish to know more about Camella Bantay, don’t hesitate to contact us because we have specialists on standby 24/7 to make sure that you are assisted. Our years of experience has taught our team how to put customer care on top of everything. We promise you that. 

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